Billy Treacy is a Folk/Roots Singer Songwriter and this is a narrative of his personal experiences around Temple Bar.
“This song came about from my observations of both playing around Temple Bar or warning tourists of the perils surrounding them. Sure, it might be expensive in parts, but can you really put a price on “The Craic”.
One things for sure if you’re looking for somewhere that’s lively and open late you’re inevitably going to find yourself in the Temple Bar area.
I had been messing around with the idea of this song and then after a meeting with John Spillane he had mentioned to me that he was surprised there was no song about Temple Bar and I thought I better write one before he does.”

“Temple Bar” is Billy Treacy’s new single from his forthcoming album “Head Above Water”. A proud Dub originally from Capel Street.
He plays regularly in The Ha’Penny Bridge Inn and is one of the musicians on The Traditional Musical Pub Crawl.

Love it or Hate it. Like it or Loathe it. Temple Bar is here to stay and now here is the soundtrack for it. Provided by musicians who ply there trade in the area.


Billy Treacy : Guitar & Vocals
Andy Leighton : Fiddle
Anthony Bools : Guitar
Anthony Warde : Banjo
Conor Brady : Bass
Jonathan Foley : Cajon & Snare
Peter Browne : Accordion

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RELEASE DATE: 16th Aug 2013
LABEL: I-NV-U Records
PRODUCER: Conor Brady
RECORDED AT: Phonic Studios, Dublin.

“Woe!” is the debut single from Dublin singer/songwriter Billy Treacy. Billy is well known around Dublin’s Temple Bar as the lead singer in the Ha’Penny Heads who have a residency for the past 3 years in The Ha’Penny Bridge Inn. Brought up over a Pub in Dublin’s Inner City Billy served his music apprenticeship listening to a vast array of music and song played and performed in the pub.
It was later in Chicago that he first started playing Guitar and writing songs and opened for various different Irish acts like Sharon Shannon, and Stockton’s Wing on tour there.

“I feel so strongly about the message in “Woe!”. I begged and borrowed to get the song recorded and released. I wrote it in a couple of hours one day this summer as a way of venting my anger, frustration and helplessness at all that is happening in Ireland at the moment. I know that there are thousands of proud people out there who feel the same way and I hope they will identify with my song.” Billy Treacy


Available on iTunes Aug 16th 2013

For more info go to or ph: 0872900987

Contact Paul Byrne, I-NV-U Records, 3rd Floor, 9A Lr Abbey St, D1, Ire
Tel: 353 1 8729457. Mob: 353 86 2239204.

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