Finished recording!

by admin on October 2, 2014

I finished up recording my album last night and while I’m glad I’m finished I will miss being in there.  It’s now being mastered by Fergal Davis his website is  It’s been a long drawn out process which has had many false starts, time wasters and dead ends but when I eventually surrounded myself with the right people it happened quite quickly in the end.

Now another chapter starts with even harder work as I try to promote and sell this album. I’ll keep everyone up to speed on when the release date will be and of course the launch night.

This weekend is a busy one:
Fri 9.30 Ha’Penny Bridge Inn with Bernie Tynan ( Fiddle) & Jonathan Foley ( Cajon)
Sat 9.30 Ha’Penny Bridge Inn with Anthony Warde ( Banjo) & Jonathan Foley (Cajon)
Sun 7.00 The Dame Tavern with The Dame Tavern Orchestra
Sun 9.30 The Ha’Penny Bridge Inn with Don Conlon ( Mandolin) and the Ha’Penny Heads.


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